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Gerina Jade’ Davis has had her experience in the television, film and acting world for about 10 years. Whether she was training as an actress, being an actress, working as a production and producer assistant, or casting; Gerina loved learning the different aspects of production. Gerina learned that she had an inkling for casting and got an internship with Gotham Casting that turned into a freelance job. With Gotham Casting Gerina has been able to work with MTV, BET, Fuse, VH1, Nickleodean and other networks. Gerina landed her big gig as a Casting Coordinator with the BRAVO network. She did so well they asked her to come back for the second season.  Although Gerina has pursued other passions she could not stay away from the TV/Film Production world and has infused it in various aspects of her life. Currently, Gerina in the Casting department for Nique Works and has enjoyed her work thus far. She is thrilled to be asked to join the BUM Productions family and is humbled by the opportunity.